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Vedic Astrology

 Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, which loosely translates from Sanskrit as the Science of Light, is an ancient science from East India. Based on planetary alignments at the moment of birth, its purpose is to illuminate self-awareness by giving each of us a user-friendly personal map of our karmas for this lifetime.   


The  Vedic system differs from the Western astrology in that it uses the  astronomically accurate sidereal zodiac (which takes into account a  phenomenon called the “procession of the equinox”) thus creating a  difference of approximately 23 degrees for each of the planetary  placements. Many planets in a Western chart will move backward into different signs in the Vedic system.

In addition, the focus in the Vedic System is upon the rising sign (the  constellation that was ascending on the horizon at birth) and the Moon  rather than the Sun which is primary in the Western system. The  Moon represents how we emotionally receive the world and the rising  sign is the starting point from which the entire house system, and life,  evolves. 


Vedic Astrological readings help people find their path in life, discover the source of emotional blockages, understand their challenges and strengths in relationships, and assess their health. One is able to make more conscious, informed choices in every area of life when aware of these tendencies. 

The planetary placements form and indicate not only our personality and physical make-up but also our spiritual focus. By  objectively examining this map of our tendencies, patterns, strengths  and weaknesses, we are able to more effectively learn to support  ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Attaining  this bird’s eye view of ourselves leads us to make more conscious  choices and not fall into habitual ruts of harmful behavior or useless  belief. 

As a highly predictive science based on planetary cycles, Vedic Astrology also assists us by indicating the likely timing of events in our lives. Simply knowing the time, date and place of birth allows the astrologer to create a chart which is then interpreted to give a deeper understanding of our life lessons.