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Vedic Astrology

Natal or “Life” reading:

 This overview of the natal chart is highly recommended as a first reading. It reviews every area of life and gives a broad understanding of one’s overall blueprint and the flow of its unfoldment.  Suggested donation: $150 per hour 

Annual reading:

 Often  referred to as a progressive reading this gives the client a detailed  look at the coming 6 months or year by consulting both the planetary  cycles and the current transits.  Suggested donations: $150 per hour $80/ half hour 

Compatibility reading:

 By matching two charts it is possible to see how two people’s personalities work together. This reading can give couples, work associates or family members tools to create more harmony between them. Suggested donations:  $150 per hour $80/half hour 

Question and Answer sessions:

 The client directs the focus in these consultations by presenting the astrologer with questions or concerns. Suggested donations:  $150 per hour $80/half hour    $45/15 minutes 

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