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Vedic Astrology

 Shine a light on your path through life 

 Everything  we experience in life is a gift of love from the universe, both the  joys and the struggles. We are being guided in each moment on this  evolutionary path.  By reading the signs clearly we are able to embrace  our divine birthright to live in joy, peace and harmony.   


Vedic Astrology provides a map of the forces at play and guides us through the maze of life so we can evolve as beings.   
Vedic  Astrology teaches us where our lessons lie, how our false beliefs got  formed and the subsequent behaviors that result which create either  obstacles or ease.   We are here to learn to love ourselves...this is  the basis of "spirituality".  Allowing balance within the self results  in knowing our divine nature.  By exploring your own personal map, you  become an informed participant in the navigation of your consciousness  and, therefore, your life.