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About Linda

 I  was born a seeker, wanting to know the "meaning of life."  As we all  know, that path is long and winding and I have come to learn that it  simply leads back to the self....there is nothing "out there" other than  our relationship to our own consciousness.  

After  attaining an honor's degree in Psychology from New York University, my  lovely ego led me to Hollywood where I worked as a screenwriter for 12  years.  The stress of this lifestyle led me to yoga which led me to the  teachings of spirituality as written in the Vedas.  

After  training as a yoga instructor at YogaWorks™ I left California to "find  God."  FYI, God is not in Paris, Sedona, Boulder, Ojai or India.

 I've  practiced formal yoga and meditation for over 25 years with a deepening  desire to connect with spirit.   In 2001, a prophetic dream led me to  study Vedic Astrology with a world-renowned master from India. 

In  2008, a kundalini awakening was triggered when I experienced feeling  the capacity of my own heart's frequency (we are all just energy) as  mirrored back to me by a well-known Guru.  Time spent in the jungles of  Peru also helped to widen my conscious awareness of my own divinity.   This awakened energy, which is still very active, is teaching me daily  to trust my intuition.  

With  the assistance of an amazing woman in Los Angeles, Rebekah Vandenberg,  I've learned to integrate blockages in consciousness.  She has helped me  to recognize that we are all divine, capable of more than the logical  mind can possibly comprehend.