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I can't thank you enough for the amazing, life-changing, jaw-dropping, gob-smacking reading that you gave me when I was in LA. Thank you so so much…. I have listened to it many times over and each time I am able to get another piece of the puzzle and it doesn't seem too self-absorbed to be doing it!!! You are truly gifted and intuitive and amazing. 

Patricia - Kauai 


Linda Goldman is truly gifted. Her practical approach and unique connection to spirit, make her readings accessible, insightful, and entertaining. I had chills during my initial consultation, because Linda seemed to know more about me than I know about myself. I highly recommend her services to yogis, healers, and anyone interested in knowing more about their life path."

Debbie – Gaiam Network, SF, CA


Your reading was profound and precise which absolutely appeals to my practical nature. I also feel a sense of lightness that allows for something new to emerge. so good to come across the real thing.. blessings

Alexis - Topanga, CA


“Wow! that was quite a session! Lots of potent information. And a very enlightening road map. Thank You! 

Unni – Venice, CA

“I  just wanted to express my gratitude for your sharing your gift with me.  Although I cannot quite express adequately what took place in me last  night I think it was something incredibly powerful and moving. Things  are shifting now more than ever and I truly thank you so very much.”

Erin – Long Beach, CA


I just wanted to say thanks again for the reading! It was very freeing in many ways - helps me understand a bit about myself, both from the past lives and from the planetary influences. It also gives me some hope! 

Mary - Venice, CA


“Thank  you so much for the fantastic reading. It was such a great confirmation  about where I’m going and what I’m doing. I have already told a number  of people about you and will continue to do so.”

Wayne – Santa Monica, CA


 I saw you back in October for a reading... which I've since transcribed, marveled at, laughed at it's accuracy, gone back to again and again and been extremely grateful for your gift... thankyouverymuch

Kelly - San Diego, CA


“I just wanted to say thank you for doing my reading. It was such a great experience for me, and was my favorite birthday gift. I am going to pass your information on to my friends that I think can benefit from it as well.”

Ginna – Santa Monica, CA 

“Thank  you so, so much for your kindness and support… I'm referring to the  beautiful light you possess in who you are in relationships…You have a  wonderful gift and I’m so grateful that our lives met up.

Christy – Arcadia, CA