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Vedic Astrology


 The  houses reflect the area of life the planets are influencing, the signs  are the environment in which the planets are expressing themselves. 


1st – the self, the physical body, the soul.

2nd -- wealth, speech, inner contentment

3rd – courage, motivation, will, siblings

4th – home, mother, feelings of the heart

5th – creative intellect, speculative luck, children

6th – health or disease, financial debt, struggles with others

7th – partnership, the masses

8th – breaks and changes, worries, hidden depths, chronic health concerns

9th – wisdom, knowledge, father, guru

10th – career, visibility, status in the world

11th – gains in all forms, desires

12th – loss and expenditure, confinement, liberation


Aries – Movable Fire sign, ruled by Mars -- the initiators of action, they exhibit the fire power that makes things move forward with speed and determination.

Taurus – Fixed Earth sign, ruled by Venus -- the bulls of determination. They concern themselves with material security, stability, partnership and consistency so as to enjoy the good things in life. 

Gemini – Dual Air sign, ruled by Mercury – These are the idea people. Their minds are free to fly through the air coming up with new concepts, innovations and perspectives. They enjoy that which stimulates the nervous system.

Cancer – Movable Water sign, ruled by the Moon – these are highly sensitive, heart-based nurturers who seek emotional stability and joy. They seek popularity but may exhibit shyness as well. 

Leo – Fixed Fire sign, ruled by the Sun – the kings of the jungle and the zodiac – proud and noble. They possess grace, honor and magnanimity in the form of leadership and strength of character (or ego). 

Virgo – Dual Earth sign, ruled by Mercury – these are focused logically minded folks who work for the sake of service, health and healing. They skillfully bring practical ideas into physical form. 

Libra – Movable Air sign, ruled by Venus – socially conscious, friendly individuals with humanitarian ideals that revolve around balance and justice. They focus their attention on the masses for the sake of social change.

Scorpio – Fixed Water sign, ruled by Mars – these are deeply feeling, intense, emotionally introspective people. Their depths can lead them toward mysticism, the occult sexuality, martial power or obsession. 

Sagittarius – Dual Fire sign, ruled by Jupiter – the spiritual warriors who approach truth with an expansive, enthusiastic spirit. They enjoy sharing knowledge and engage socially for the sake of growth and evolution. 

Capricorn – Movable Earth sign, ruled by Saturn – these are hardworking, organized, practical folks who keep their eye on accomplishment and success. 

Aquarius – Fixed Air sign, ruled by Saturn – these are strongly humanitarian folks who put philosophy and the needs of others ahead of their own. They can be eccentric and lack focus or they can direct their energies toward saving the world.

Pisces -- Dual Water sign, ruled by Jupiter – these are highly sensitive, emotional, intuitive and imaginative people but they often lack focus, clarity and direction.