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Vedic Astrology

The Planets

 The planets are the root source of information coming from the cosmos. The matrix which is created when these 9 energies stamp their mark on a newborn makes up the astrological chart. All these energies mix, potentially influencing each other in a myriad of combinations, and the result of this planetary stew is an individual’s karmic make-up. 

 Each of the 9 planets used in the Vedic system holds a specific energetic, this macrocosmic vibration in the solar system creates a corresponding microcosmic vibration within humans. There are many conditions that indicate whether one will be receiving the highest vibration a planet has to offer or if it will be hindered in its expression by challenging conditions, thereby giving a lower vibrational influence.  


Below are the specific influences of each of the planets upon our being, both the higher and the lower expressions:

Sun: The king of our solar system holds the energy of Spirit, the shine of the soul but also has the potential to represent the energy of ego and arrogance. 

Moon: Receives and reflects. It represents the body-mind or manas, how we take in life. It can receive with joy and comfort reflecting compassion and popularity, or it can receive with resistance and frustration creating jealousy and possessiveness. 

Mars: The energy of action, enthusiasm and productivity on the one hand or the power of force and aggression on the other. 

Mercury: The intellectual mind. It is greatly influenced by the other planets affecting its expression. It has the potential to give focused intention and brilliance or confusion and lack of direction. 

Jupiter: Philosophical wisdom, understanding and luck are the highest nature of this generous planet, indulgence and excessiveness are the lower qualities it may possesss.

Venus:  Enjoyment, pleasure and happiness.  All forms of beauty  and sensuality. Represents the arts as well as the expression of  universal love.  When out of balance we can be led by our desires and  passions rather than love.

Saturn: The essence of maturity, truth, service but when its will is not honored brings delays, obstacles, misery, laziness or malice.  

Rahu: The north node of the Moon. A mysterious and chaotic planet. Its excessively expansive qualities, it’s lack of discrimination can bring innovation and success or obsessive compulsion and desire.

Ketu: The south node of the Moon. Behaves in an erratic, dismissive manner, cutting away at structures indiscriminately. This can lead to spiritual awareness and detachment or a sense of tremendous loss and suffering, forcing the lesson of detachment.